About Me

There isn’t much to say but I’ll try to fill this page with useless information regardless. 

I’m JaY ISRAEL (most of the time).

Jay Israel has an extensive background serving as a magazine editor, designer, reporter and content creator (sometimes under the pen name James Johnson). 
For the past few years he has worked as contributor for multiple publications, including City View magazine, Sand & Pine magazine and the Fayetteville Observer, among others.
Previously Jay had worked as staff reporter for The Robesonian newspaper, and spent four years as editor-in-chief of the the 
Fayetteville FEED magazine, a monthly music and culture publication with a circulation of 20,000. The FEED’s main focus was highlighting local artists events and topics that would appeal to an 18 – 35 year old demographic. He oversaw the publication’s copy, editing and the creative direction, and managed a staff of more than 29 employees, including writers, photographers, sales executives, delivery drivers, office managers, designers and freelancers.
Before creating the FEED magazine, Jay worked with an alternative daily called SmartNews as a staff writer and later as an editor. While with Smartnews he created daily content, on everything from hard news, to features on area festivals and businesses. He considers the experience he had with SmartNews to have been invaluable.
His first staff position however was with F & B Publications, a publishing house which is responsible for the national children’s tabloid, KidsvilleNews!, as well as a monthly regional seniors publication called PrimeLife Magazine and a weekly tabloid called Up & Coming Weekly.
Outside of journalism, in his nearly 10 years of working in the industry he has been fortunate to have been able to expand his skill set to include graphic design, photography, web design and social media management.
James is currently living in Southern Pines, NC. 

“I’ll admit, like many people, it is hard for me to do anything I am not passionate about. Fortunately, I am passionate about a lot of things.”

Your Budget

Some of the things I have been hired to do include creating press releases, ad designs, business cards, logo designs and entire websites. I work with clients so as to fit what I am able to do with their budget. 

Deadlines are my entire world. Whether it be in design or copy, I have to be sure I can create what you need in the time you need it in.