RUTHERFORDTON, N.C. — Thanks to an overzealous juror, who was so excited about researching and sharing notes on North Carolina state law that he forgot to research the part of the law that says jurors can’t do that, a mistrial was declared on Tuesday in the case of a North Carolina minister (*cult leader) Brooke Covington, who is charged in the beating of a congregant at her church (*compound) Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, in an attempt to rid him of his “homosexual demons” (homosexual demons are like normal demons, but fun!).
Superior Court Judge Gary Gavenus held juror Perry Shade Jr. in contempt, sentencing the juror to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine after Shade was said to have brought documents, including a copy of North Carolina case law, to court to share with fellow jurors. The mistrial means that while Covington will not yet have to face trial for allegedly leading a mob of church members to “beat-the-gay-away” from former member Mathew Sheppard Fenner in January 2013, Shade will face 30 days in jail to have the gay beat into him by fellow inmates.
It is not known yet when a new trial will be scheduled for Covington. Until then, Covington will get to spend her days locked away in a violent and oppressive compound, surrounded by the uneducated and the angry, in a world governed by fear and intolerance … so… freedom.
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