Motion posters have become a popular new means of grabbing attention for your projects online.

The Black Employee Network

This motion poster was designed as art for an online ad for the Black Employee Network. The art was intended to reference the famous “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” photo from the 1930s. 

“Frankenstein” modern adaptation motion poster

In a modern retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, we see a creature brought to life, not by way of parts collected from a graveyard, but recovered data, used to replicate a real person. The motion poster is intended to evoke unease, while also reminding the viewer of Frankenstein’s science fiction roots. 

“Holiday Drop Off” motion poster.

This poster was created just before Christmas for the Bravery Kids Gym. Bravery Kids Gym is a remarkable family center, which speializes in providng services and fun activities to children, regardless of their abilities. 

There were no photos of the gym covered in snow, so I had to create that myself.

Hedda Gabler motion poster

This motion poster was created for the production Hedda Gabler, at the Gilbert Theatre, with actress Robyne Parrish serving as the model.

Shabby P Single, “Bust-a-Move.”

This was created for a music artist who wanted to promote his new single to his fans on Instagram, with something visually stimulaing. 


This is a proof of concept poster design.

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